The Rainforest Cafe®: a wild place to Shop and Eat!

Situated in the heart of Disney®Village our restaurant recreates the ambiance of the tropical rainforests. No other dining experience is quite as wild as Rainforest Cafe®. Your adventure begins with Nile the crocodile, one of Rainforest Cafe’s most famous characters. Explore our retail village (watch out for the snakes!) while making your trek to the entrance of the restaurant located in the heart of our animated jungle. Here you will discover aquariums filled with tropical fish, life like animatronics, thunder storms and of course tropical showers – all the sights and sounds of the rainforest.



 Become an explorer of the Rainforest and lets go to the Safari!

Brave the wild animals of the jungle to become a hero. Cha!Cha! the tree frog, Tuki the elephant, Nile the crocodile, Bamba the gorilla and Rio the macaw will soon become your friends.

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Imagine a private party in the Rainforest!

Big dreams start here. Why not yours? Live magical experience in a unique place where the flora and fauna will immerse your guests into a place where dreams come true.


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Making this world a better place!

Aquariums, charity work, recycling… follow us!

Here at Rainforest Cafe®, maintaining the environment is a big commitment and it requires care and dedication but it is also very rewarding!



Upcoming events!

Local events, dates to remember, shows, special offers…


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