Our values

  • 115 crew members are working every day for your enjoyment
  • 1 100 guests served every day
  • Open 7 days

Rainforest Cafe® is engaging, animated and full of life.

We pride ourselves in creating a great work environment*.

Our management team is dedicated to coaching and sharing knowledge and work values. We coach our apprentices with care and dedication to help achieve their goals in the kitchen, dining room, retail and facilities. We encourage diversity in the work environment.

Disabilities are not a handicap to success. Our principle is competence makes the difference. Everyone can build his/her career with hard work, investment and enjoyment.

*In 2014, Rainforest Cafe® won the prize for Ile de France ‘cramif’ improving conditions and safety in the work place.

Aquariums - Day-to-day upkeep

  • 2 aquariums containing over 20 different species
  • 20 000 litres of sea water with an average temperature of 27°c
  • 2 Dedicated-staff: 1 diver who takes care of cleaning and maintenance, inside the aquariums. 1 Facilities Manager who is responsible for the wellbeing of the fish.

The aquariums in Rainforest Café® contribute to the beauty of the restaurant and also the wellbeing of our guests.

The aquariums colourful inhabitants never cease to surprise you! Whether you are a fan of our clownfish or just an admirer of nature you will love viewing up close our fabulous collection of tropical fish.

The aquariums require constant attention to ensure that the environment is maintained to the highest level for our fish. Our specially trained diver cleans inside the glass walls of the aquariums and also the decorative coral.             The Facilities Manager controls the water temperature and filtration systems of the aquarium. He also surveys the fish for illness and disease in which case the fish are removed from the big aquariums and are put into ‘sick bay’ (this area is off limits to our guests). The Facilities Manager is also responsible for the preparation of food for the fish.

Maintaining these aquariums is a big commitment and it requires care and dedication but it is also very rewarding.

Rainforest Café® is proud to be partners with Sea life aquarium at the local shopping center – Sea Life Centre commercial Val d’Europe®.

See more: https://www.visitsealife.com/paris/


Charity work - 30 millions d'Amis


[Throw a coin and make a wish…!] The wishing well in the crocodile pund is located outside in front of our retail village and a second one in the Atlas man waterfall is located inside the restaurant. The coins thrown into the wishing wells not only make wishes come through but they are also donated to a well known French charity – Fondation 30 millions d’Amis®. This charity was set up in France in 1995 and is dedicated to the protection and preservation of animals in France and around the world.

Rainforest Café® has been proudly supporting this charity since 2000 and will continue to do so in the future.

Recent work carried out by the charity :



Concerned with preserving the environment for future generations Rainforest Cafe® has been working and continues to do so on a daily basis to reduce it’s carbon footprint.

The recycling of our waste products is an integral part of our environmental strategy. We have recycle bins for papers, plastic, glass and organic waste. These containers are collected by approved companies to be recycled.

Results of our environmental strategy :

  • Approximately 20 tonnes of waste recycled each year
  • Use recycled paper
  • Encourage our employees to be more Eco-conscious; recycling, conserve electricity, reuse paper printouts


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